5 Biggest Crypto Deals This Week

5 Biggest Crypto Deals This Week


If you’re looking for the biggest interests and bonuses on crypto, this is the perfect place to know about the most popular platforms literally throwing away crypto deals:

1) KuCoin 

By opening a KuCoin account, you can get up to $500 in USDT with your new account as a new customer. For getting this benefit, you do not even need to complete KYC and AML or make your first deposit to quality.

Sign Up here: https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=r3Z4639&utm_source=thecollegeinvestor


2) BlockFi 

When you open a BlockFi account, you will have opened your doors to tap into a sizable bonus. In order to bag one, all you will need is maintaining an account balance of at least $100 for a span of two and a half months. 

Payouts at BlockFi take place on the 15th of every month. So, if you have opened your account in February, you’d receive your bonus on May 15th.

BlockFi gives its users a tiered bonus system based on the account balance they maintain. The breakdown for the bonus is given below:


Balance Maintained Payout In BTC
$100-$1,499 $15
$1,500 – $19,999 $20
$20,000 – $39,999 $40
$40,000 – $74,999 $75
$75,000 – $99,999 $150
$100,000+ $250

By looking at the table, it is easy to understand that even though you would need to maintain a high account balance, you can earn a bonus of up to $250.

You can open an account here: https://try.blockfi.com/partners-promo/?irclickid=VZzxOgUcsxyIWHm3t7TLPT4mUkGUaNwUD0HXV40&irgwc=1&utm_source=Impact&utm_medium=142129&utm_campaign=10568&utm_term=783461&utm_content=TEXT_LINK


3) TradeStation 

TradeStation is a full-blown brokerage firm that simultaneously supports cryptocurrency trading. Although they are relatively very new in the crypto space, they’re offering great bonuses for getting you started.


Check this out: https://www.tradestation.com/promo/tradingview-offers/?utm_source=The%20College%20Investor%20LLC._142129&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=1185053_Get%20%24150%20with%20a%20new%20account&utm_term=BaseBrand&clickid=Xi4z2H1WgxyIWaSXP61DEz-zUkGUaNWQD0HXV40&irgwc=1&offer=0035AEUX


4) Gemini 

Gemini is an extremely popular cryptocurrency trading platform. Similar to Coinbase, Gemini stands as the odd one out in the crowd due to its special focus on security and transparency. Additionally, it supports 25+ currencies and offers crypto savings accounts.

Head to its official website to know more about the bonuses: https://exchange.gemini.com/register?%7Eclick_id=ypy0pSUJCxyIUG6UlRxMjRPIUkGUaNQkD0HXV40&irgwc=1&referral=promo100btc


5) Hodlnaut 

Hodlnaut is among the most favourite among crypto traders as it provides crypto savings accounts with the highest interest rates currently available to borrowers.

They permit weekly withdrawals to your wallet, and have no lock-in periods or minimum deposits. 

Sign up here to check how you can reap the benefits of the platform: https://www.hodlnaut.com/hnap0001

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