Children’s authors create Bitcoin games and books to teach them about money early on

As the crypto space emerges no less than the biggest buzzword of the decade, Bitcoin has its separate fan base, as is evident from an author couple who are working on publishing children’s books to familiarize them with the biggest cryptocurrency.

Scott Sibley believes that Bitcoins are for all of us, including newborns, toddlers, children, and teenagers, because when they grow up, they would most likely use the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol, and it makes perfect sense to Sibley to “start to integrate Bitcoin into learning as early as possible.” 

The couple is currently working on the creation of the Shamory Bitcoin game and the ‘Goodnight Bitcoin’ children’s bedtime book, thus joining the rapidly growing list of Bitcoin children’s book authors who say they deeply care about educating children on Bitcoin and money from an early stage.

Sibley and his wife firmly believe that children are able to “learn much faster, and earlier than most people think,” thus prompting them to write their Bitcoin bedtime story. The book is a tale for infants that latest culminated among the plethora of “Goodnight” books (Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Baseball, etc.). It also serves as a primer for the couple’s semi-educational game about Bitcoin mining called SHAmory.

The Sibleys explained that there is a “product and content gap” when it comes to creative Bitcoin teaching methods to both children and adults. This is why they are trying to bring educational content that extends beyond the podcasts, blogs, listicles and long-form essays which new Bitcoiners usually gorge upon to know-it-all.

Another author couple, Chris and Frieda Bobay, who are the brains behind Bitcoin for Kiddos, the story of Bitcoin deeply passionate about imparting knowledge into “children about money early,” so that they can access best opportunities “to recognize it when they see it.”

The couple told the media that they want to expose their kids early to Bitcoin and various other broader concepts of money early so they can get more comfortable using the technology and while talking about it when they are older. They add that money is “a taboo subject” for most adults, but “it doesn’t have to be.” Through educating children about Bitcoin (and money) with books, it would break down social barriers, thus unlocking “an incredible learning experience for the whole family.”

Michael Caras, aka The Bitcoin Rabbi, who is the author of Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money, has complemented the other authors’ musings about children and finance. He said to the media that it is important that children must learn about “working for money, saving, spending responsibly, and also giving to charity.”

Sibley believes that children “don’t have all the biases that adults have,” thus making them the right candidates to extend the approach towards them of the decentralized monetary network with an open mind. 

The Bitcoin Rabbi has also expanded Sibley’s idea, sharing that children can better understand the digital aspect of Bitcoin as “they are digital native,” whereas not having “preconceived notions” about how traditional money would make it easier for them “to see Bitcoin as real money.”

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