CrowdSwap coin will launch on February 18 on Polygon

CrowdSwap coin will launch on February 18 on Polygon


The CROWD token is set to launch on February 18, 2022, in the world of decentralised finance (DeFi). After a fair launch auction conducted by Gnosis on the gaming platform Polygon. The vision behind this launch is to simplify the decentralised finance sector and spread it across the target audience. After the launch of the CROWD token, the team behind CrowdSwap is hoping to make a massive breakthrough and actively promote the current offerings of the current DeFi market. But they are yet to convince all the users and audiences.

What is the meaning of DeFi optimised?

Decentralised finance is a complicated marketplace and environment. The main vision of Crowdswap is to simplify the whole DeFi technology and marketplace as much as possible. Usually, people get annoyed while using an optimised decentralised exchange for conducting a swap because they become unable to find a good or proper cross-chain transfer bridge.


According to the CrowdSawp team, with the help of CrowdSwap, this whole process will be extremely simplified. The CrowdSwap team develops different algorithms that can determine the best prices and pathways for the coin and tokens of a wallet. With the help of this algorithm, you can not determine the best prices for swapping but also the best combination of the pricing routes. This is convenient where the token can be directly swapped, and you can also analyse the large liquidity pool in terms of the best price.


An intelligent filtering method will also be added among a large number of opportunities. The best and most profitable DeFi options will be shown and assessed in front of the customer with relevant data and the level of risk involved with those deals. CrowdSwap will also reserve the right to immediately block any kind of scams that concern its own project values. CrowdSwap chief technology officer Vahid Hassani has stated that the company will always prioritise the safety of the customers.


CrowdSwap also puts great emphasis on efficient costs, a high level of security and faster execution. The product will also offer an easy-to-use interface and maximum amount of transparency, including all the incurred costs. The team also claims that with these features, they will be able to successfully gain the trust of their customers.

What is a CROWD token?

The project of CrowdSwap is solely dependent on the CROWD token. All the transactions will be conducted using this token. The focus will be on the token’s own cross-chain liquidity protocol, and the liquidity protocol will be rolled out in 2022 for five blockchains.


The project offers the CROWD owners the possibility of staking. The rate of the reward initially is set at 40% APY, and the auto-compounding option will save the users from bearing the hassle of staking the rewards. All they need to do is support the vision of CrowdSwap.


Apart from staking, the CROWD token can also be utilised for providing liquidity. The liquidity providers will also benefit from the CROWD token is highly utilised pools.


The whole concept of CrowdSwap is based on trust, equity and transparency. To be fair and true to its cause, the team has decided to implement the auction in a decentralised manner. With the help of the CROWD community, team CrowdSwap look forward to helping in simplifying the DeFi and taking a huge leap in this fintech field.

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