Crypto Twitter raises funds for the Cancer treatment of a community member

A respected Crypto Twitter member and the Deadfellas nonfungible token (NFT) community discussed the massive financial burden the user has to go through because of his cancer treatment, the generosity and kindness of the crypto community were demonstrated by making donations of over US 73000 dollars in funds. 

The individual named Yopi, also known as Kuiyopi on his Twitter handle, became a part of the crypto ecosystem in July of last year. He realized that the crypto community and cryptocurrency system could be a distraction from his growing health concerns, and during his six-month chemotherapy schedule, it provided him with entertainment and moments of joy.

In the six month period he spent being a part of the crypto community, he came across crypto personalities such as Cobie, he also opened up about his effort to learn Spanish and always shared condolences, emphatic messages, and a vision to support fellow cancer patients within the community despite being part of the meme culture and in a space where most of the users are anonymous.

However, on Wednesday, he received some heartbreaking news, and the Doctors of the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces Military Hospital, through an MRI scan, confirmed that cancer in his hip is back. According to Yopi’s doctor, he requires stem cell transplant therapy. Normally in these circumstances, the primary method of treatment is chemotherapy but having said that, in Yopi’s case, the procedure has already been administered, therefore, it is not a viable option anymore.

Moreover, the estimated insurance cost for his treatment totaled US 50,000 dollars which, in his own words, an amateur Ponzi shitcoins trader will not be able to afford. For more readability, his tweet was translated into English by the user named SnipeTrades after that, Yopi’s twitter received an enormous amount of support from a lot of industry’s renowned figures, including Snoop Dogg, Shampoo, FTX US president Brett Harrison, and many others.

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