Crypto Twitter reacts to Bitcoin dump in mixed emotions

Crypto Twitter reacts to Bitcoin dump in mixed emotions


Bitcoin (BTC) has reportedly dumped below 40,000, thus wiping out an estimation of $50 billion from the cryptocurrencies market cap. Although there isn’t any particular news to put the blame on, Crypto Twitter hasn’t let the dump slide without a reaction in its own colourful ways.



One crypto figure with about a million Twitter followers has asked his audience whether they are buying anything on the dip, or were simply “waiting for clarity if we go lower or higher?” 


Another user, french b, has shown a happy reaction responding to the above comment that he happens to be “too broke” to do anything at this crucial juncture. 



Frank Sirianni III, on crypto Twitter, has replied with the expression of how he has actually accepted the trend where Bitcoin prices tend to fall whenever he buys. He responded he is “at peace with that now.”



In another space within Crypto Twitter, users Sir Doge of the Coin and Ananthu have expressed their personal reactions through images and a gif, including some classic memes.



Gold bull Peter Shiff and his Twitter followers also didn’t waste the opportunity about talking against Bitcoin and predicted that “a crash below $10,000 is highly likely.”

Twitter user Manuel Campbell has supported Shiff’s FUD with a tweet stating that he thinks Shiff is “too optimistic” with such a prediction.



In response, Bitcoiners have called out Shiff, thus pointing out that his previous predictions hadn’t really been accurate. Twitter user, Max, has replied to Shiff saying that they “are wrong every time!” while they quoted Shiff’s tweet from two years back.



Michael Saylor, a Microstrategy CEO, has also not missed the opportunity to drop his words of wisdom for Bitcoin investors.


While everyone had responses varying in levels of mixed emotions, the popular Crypto Twitter figure, Will Clemente, has remained unfazed so far at the dump. 


Clemente has tweeted that he just drove for two hours, checked his phone, and Bitcoin showed a sub 40K, which is for him “cool.”

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