Green Beli: A play to earn crypto game with a mission to save the world

Green Beli: A play to earn crypto game with a mission to save the world

The condition of the earth is gradually decreasing with time. Sea level is rising at an frightening rate. The coastal area is getting flooded repeatedly. Due to greenhouse gases, the earth is getting hotter, and the ozone layer is depleting at the same time. Moreover, everything is slowly getting out of our grasp.


Blockchain technology, on the other hand, is rapidly popularising among people. Bitcoin has gone through astronomical growth, reaching new heights, and with this, investors have gained a confidence boost. Different corporate companies have started to accept bitcoin as payment and therefore creating demand for crypto coins in this developing industry. Tweets and announcements made by Elon Musk have also had a huge impact on bitcoin. Also, he has been vocal about bitcoin mining to become environmentally friendly.

Save your earth with blockchain technology

Since its establishment as a project, Green Beli has aimed to protect the earth with the help of blockchain technology. The main purpose of the Green Beli app is to increase awareness, adapt greener style and reduce plastic waste. 

To practically implement their interest in the Green Beli app, a play to earn NFT (non-fungible token) game is a work in progress. They have planned two different ways to help environmental projects. These two ways are: a total of 10% from the Green Beli Ecosystem Fund or 30% profit from the sales of land, seeds, tree, or other NFT items will directly go to a chosen environmental project. 


By playing this blockchain-based game, not only you will experience a new type of game, but also you can directly contribute to an environmental cause. 

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