Tatum emerges as easy solution for users wanting to mint NFTs on multiple blockchains

Tatum emerges as easy solution for users wanting to mint NFTs on multiple blockchains 

Tatum is a blockchain development platform that has been assisting developers in saving time and costs by providing a unified framework for more than 40 blockchain protocols and thousands of digital assets.


In the year 2021, Tatum’s user base has witnessed a whopping increase from 4,000 developers to more than 18,000 developers at present, hosting over 1,000 NFT marketplaces. At peak hours of crypto trading, apps that are built on Tatum record processing of $1 billion per day while 500 NFTs are minted per second. Tatum had won the Startup World Cup European Finale and went on to compete in the Global Finale in 2022.


Fresh annual data from Chainalysis data has shown that users have been able to move over $40 billion worth of crypto to Ethereum’s NFT smart contracts in the entire 2021. While this step reflects the massively growing NFTs, there are still many obstacles where minting these tokens are concerned. But one award-winning startup, Tatum, is addressing this problem by involving itself in all the behind-scene processes, as per media report on the data by Chainalysis.


NFTs have emerged as quite a rage, especially in the last few months, and crypto analysts and experts alike have agreed that the NFT trend is here to stay considering the transformative potential it has given for a lot of industries ranging between digital art, marketing, entertainment and supply chains.


While the rapid growth of the NFT market has been fostering the development of more intuitive processes for onboarding a wider range of users that aren’t exactly tech-savvy, minting the tokens is still a headache for many. For instance, on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, where most NFTs are reportedly created, users need to first hold Ether into their digital wallets and pay huge gas fees.


The above makes it a challenge largely. However, Tatum is picking up the pace by addressing the challenging processes in the tech realm and finding shortcuts. The platform is aimed at reducing the complexity of blockchain development with its recent-most launch, NFT Express.


Tatum’s NFT Express is a unique feature that lets developers and enterprises mint NFTs without doing any coding or deploying smart contracts. Users do not have to confuse themselves with the initial step of buying crypto for the gas fees. The feature, poised to make NFT minting easy for non-tech savvy creators, has been made available for users with a paid Tatum plan. The paid plan enables users to mint as many NFTs as they wish. 


With the current features, NFT Express is compatible with five blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), Harmony (ONE), and Celo (CELO). Through a simple API call, the NFT is minted in a matter of seconds, and the gas fees are paid from the monthly credit allotment included in the Tatum plan.


Tatum’s users are able to mint countless tokens without having any crypto investment. The feature is being deemed by analysts as perfect for small enterprises and individuals who are interested in leveraging the NFT trend to their benefit but are clueless about starting due to the obstacles attached to the creation of NFTs.


Tatum is also a potential solution for larger enterprises who want to mint NFTs at bigger scales on multiple blockchains, and even industries that are based on blockchain or are studying the Web3 technology. It would allow such enterprises and businesses to instantly mint huge chunks of NFTs without having to worry about having adequate amounts of crypto on each blockchain.

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