Top 10 NFT Marketplaces 2022

Throughout the recent years, the popularity of the NFTs or nonfungible tokens has rapidly increased, so much so that last year the NFT market reached a total of 40 million in valuation while maintaining a strong position in the current year. This article will provide you with detailed information on top marketplaces for NFTs.

If you are interested in buying NFTs from a proper marketplace, then is a fine choice. The platform has a user base of more than ten million, and at the same, it is one of the best available platforms out there.


Although has enough popularity because of its trading services, the website has also attracted lots of new customers after launching a nonfungible token marketplace. The NFT marketplace was established in 2021 and had multiple categories of NFTs such as sports, music, arts, gaming, and crypto.

2. NFT Launchpad

NFT Launchpad is an NFT marketplace that was launched this year. The platforms are built upon Binance Smart Chains and Polygon Blockchains with a massive collection of NFTs to choose from.


Binance, the world’s biggest crypto company in terms of trading volume, also has its NFT platform, and it is globally recognized. In this platform, the users can buy the NFTs by giving only a 1 percent transaction fee, which is unlike any other NFT marketplace. 


In terms of trading volume, OpenSea is the most sought-after NFT platform. The whole platform is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, and it offers different types of NFT, ranging from in-game items to domain names and more.


As for payment methods, the platform supports around 150 types of cryptocurrencies and 2.5 transaction fees from the sellers of the artwork. Fourteen types of wallets can be used in OpenSea.

5.Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is also considered one of the best NFT marketplaces. The specialty of Nifty Gateway is the ‘premium drops’ that the platform offers, and the number of artworks the platform offers is limited. The platform takes 5 percent service fees from sellers and a transaction fee of 0.30 dollars.


GameStop has launched this, but it is also the most exciting NFT marketplace. Its NFT platform is built upon Immutable X – a Layer-2 protocol for Ethereum. The platform is solely focused on selling video games and in-game NFT items such as weapons, costumes, and other digital properties. 


Although DraftKings is a United States based sports betting company, it launched its own NFT marketplace in the late 2021. The platform boasts about the limited edition assets they sell of the famous sports personas. 


The existing DraftKings users can use their login credentials in order to visit the NFT marketplace. It has over 300 NFT collectibles, and the users can buy the NFTs using wire transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, and debit/credit cards. The creators of the art will also receive a 10 percent royalty fee from the point of secondary sale.


Rarible has a vast collection of NFTs starting from games, photography, music, digital art, domains, and even metaverse. The platform has multi-chain support and therefore supports NFTs built on Tezos, Ethereum, and Flow. The platform charges a 2.5 percent service fee for every transaction. 


One of the most prominent features of Rarible is that it supports the usage of debit and credit cards for buying NFTs. The marketplace is accessible from more than 190 countries, making it one of the biggest NFT marketplace in the globe. Rarible also supports wallets from Coinbase and MetaMask, assuring that the investors’ assets are secured.


WAX is a blockchain-based network that was founded in 2017. The NFT marketplace of WAX is named ‘SimpleMarket’ and offers 140,000 plus NFT collections. The platform’s native token is WAX, and it is used to buy the NFT artwork from the marketplace. 


High-profile companies like Atari and Sony have already minted their NFTs using the WAX blockchain, so there is no doubt about the platform’s credibility. Although there is no initial service charge of gas fees, the platform does charge a 2 percent service fee on the secondary market.


If you want to specifically buy NFT arts, then Foundation can be a good stop for you. The marketplace is globally known for its collection of NFT arts and specializes in offering exclusive art drops. 


The NFT platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and the listed NFTs are offered through auctions. Most of these NFT auctions run for 24 hours after the first bid has been made. The user interface of Foundation is simple and sleep, which makes it easier for users to find the nonfungible tokens they are looking for. As for the service fee, the platform charges a 15 percent service fee from the seller on each and every transaction.


To purchase the NFTs in Foundation, the user must pay using ETH, and only MetaMask and WalletConnect can be used as the supported wallet for the NFT.

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