Walker’s Tweet mocking the little value of NFTs is turned into $5K NFT

Walker’s Tweet mocking the little value of NFTs is turned into $5K NFT


Lauren Walker, a Twitter user, recently posted a message claiming she was “stealing” nonfungible tokens (NFTs), while the whole of crypto-Twitter erupted, minting her words into a token listed for thousands of dollars.


Walker had mockingly tweeted that her current collection of NFTs was valued at over $8 trillion on October 2 and that she had right-clicked on the images for saving them all to her drive. What is striking is, her message ignores the verifiable scarcity that underpins tokenizing images and artwork. Walker, however, said she had “a real job” and appeared to dismiss criticism from Twitter’s crypto community.


In response, at least two crypto users had taken the screenshots of Walker’s message and replies only to mint those as NFTs. These were later listed on auction via the OpenSea marketplace.


At the marketplace, ongoing bidding shows a user CaptainFantastic under the name “have fun staying poor” currently offering up to 1.5 Ether ETC (roughly $5100) while this news piece was benign written. Another user, Clown World NFT, is yet to receive any bids.


The crux of Walker’s arguments is apparently understandable to people without a working understanding of NFTs, in that tokenizing images make them unique – adding value to it in a way an ordinary JPEG or GIF cannot match.


Back in September, a YouTuber had traded a fully functional Tesla Roadster for an NFT worth $100,000. In March, Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist also famous as Beeple, had also famously sold one of his artworks as an NFT at $69 million. 


 A Twitter user travellintoddy as a response to Walker’s thread has said they get “pumped by these type of reactions,” said Twitter, adding that it shows that the NFT community are in fact, very early as if “piling on social media in 2003” as “why wouldn’t you just go see your friends rather than online.”


Another user Sergey Pshenichkin has compared Walker’s arguments to fine arts saying that it is basically as if “making a joke that you stole the Mona Lisa by taking a photograph of it.”


Although there is enough money in the NFT market waiting to be explored, it is apparently;y subjective to the volatility in crypto prices.


According to data from Dune Analytics, OpenSea’s daily trading volume was more than 34,070 ETH on October 3. Mainstream firms like Visa have even invested in NFT collectibles like CryptoPunks.

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