Who is Crypto Casey?

Who is Crypto Casey?
The article introduces “Crypto Casey”, her profession and her work by exploring her magnificence online presence and delving into the details of her blockchain expertise.

In the booming network of cryptocurrency, Crypto Casey is a well-known name with a highly acclaimed profile of being a blockchain technology expert. Originally a software architect and social entrepreneur, Casey Leigh Henry goes by the pseudonym “Crypto Casey” on her socials.

“Crypto Casey”, who?

Casey Leigh Henry or “Crypto Casey” has been creating informational videos recording the how-to, know-how, and tidbits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for a year and a half. Casey started off creating YouTube videos and later moved to podcasts, and finally to her own website where more than 60 videos – created by herself – documents different topics revolving around Cryptocurrency.


In one of her social media bio, Casey describes her personal journey from knowing Cryptocurrency from scratch to becoming a blockchain expert. She discusses she was once googling cryptocurrency, and there was so much “conflicting information”, unusual detailing, confusing figures and overwhelming facts that got her highly nervous about being a newbie into the world of digital currency. It was this beginner’s experience that pushed her into digital content creation for those starting out into crypto trading and has no specific person or manual to train them. Cut to present, “Crypto Casey” has won over the internet as a magnificent “Cryptocurrency Educator” who regularly shares information, insight, updates and tips from the cryptocurrency multiverse.


Why Crypto-Casey?

If you’re a newbie looking into understanding the power of crypto, mining basics, crypto trading, Crypto Casey is your go-to instructor. A hugely successful digital creator, Casey can be found on virtually every social media platform – LinkedIn, YouTube, Listennotes, and various others. Her videos, however, are not limited to educating people on Cryptocurrency; in fact, she covers a variety of topics ranging from the structure of crypto markets to banks needing bitcoin to mainstreaming of Cryptocurrencies and tangle technology. Owing to her fantastic social media popularity, Crypto Casey recently started her own website https://cryptocasey.com/ where she has added Crypto Videos, Crypto News Broadcast, Podcasts and more.

She describes her website as “the ultimate guide on how to buy a cryptocurrency for beginners in 2020.”

On her website, one can find organized and structured information on cryptocurrency and security measures. Some of her content also discusses advanced security measures one needs to know in order to deal in cryptocurrency. She goes at length to share tips like securing long passwords, encrypted emails, two-factor authentication apps, hardware wallets, etc., for keeping safe in the digital currency world. Some of her most popular videos are Beginners Guide on “How To Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners”, where she takes her viewers through a ten step-by-step walkthrough and some investing tips to enter the digital currency market. Her other videos include Bitcoin & Crypto Trading, The Bad Crypto, Altcoin Pullback and so on. Her informational podcasts are usually not more than 16 to 17 minutes long with a simple structure – answering a question from the basics level, current news and information, and her insights. Although her videos stand out for breaking down complex processes and concepts related to cryptocurrency, crypto trading and crypto wallet, her content is really interesting for both beginners and crypto fiends who find her acumen challenging.


The crypto market is filled with hyped content creators, pretentious “Crypto Gurus”, and shrewd investors who wouldn’t bother sharing industry experiences with someone new; Crypto Casey has entered as an industry expert who informs, encourages and invites new people to invest in the growing digital currency market. If you’re still wondering what this cryptoverse is about or if you have questions about ethereum, bitcoin or tangle, visit the “Crypto Casey” website, and you will not regret clicking the button!

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