Who is Crypto Face?

Who is Crypto Face?
The article investigates the personality of “Crypto Face” through the available social media details in an attempt to lend a closer look at Crypto Face’s persona, trading skills and net worth.

As cryptocurrencies skyrocket in popularity, there’s an ever-growing demand for “Crypto Gurus” or Crypto masters who can effectively train people to get rich by trading in Cryptocurrency. As traders broadcast their experiences on making fortunes out of crypto coins and even many learners who want to know it all from these seemingly “Crypto Gurus”, the internet can sometimes really be a tough choice as the one between the devil and the deep blue sea. Many people who genuinely understand the currency would be willing to share their insights, but some might just be on the lookout to make a few hundred bucks by selling a fake Crypto course. 

Amid this famous crypto trading, one personality has emerged who goes by the title “Crypto Face”. Other than a sea of social media posts and a website, not much is known about this “Crypto Face”, who users believe is an expert crypto trader.


Meet Crypto Face
Believed to be a Crypto trader, this user goes by the pseudonym “Crypto Face” on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoying fame almost like the first cryptocurrency influencer, Crypto Face often features 3 to 5 hour-long virtual sessions where he records himself investing millions of dollars into diverse crypto trades from which he is able to earn a tremendous amount of money. Whether anyone knows the real name or identity is not a question as great as his cryptocurrency understanding, which he displays through online, almost daily sessions. 

According to Crypto Face’s Twitter profile, Jeff Centrella is his real name, and he has appeared in some interviews sharing tidbits about the cryptocurrency trade. However long his virtual presence is, what strikes users is he is always seen inside a garage and some cars in the background. No one knows his exact location, but he claims to sell several other products, one of which is Market Cipher, a trading tools package built especially for crypto day-traders.


Crypto Face’s net worth
Technically, Crypto Face is seen trading in millions of dollars daily on his YouTube live stream, but no one knows his actual worth. He engages in day-trading instead of long term investments, and if his YouTube provides the right quantities of trade, his net worth should be around a few million dollars. Additionally, his business of selling the Market Cipher would make his net worth somewhere near the 7 to 8 digits range.


Crypto Face’s trading skills
Besides being an elusive business figure in the crypto space, Crypto Face is responsible for popularizing the day-trading strategy. Even though people look up to Crypto Face as a sort of a Crypto Guru, new investors must understand that day-trading isn’t a standard strategy for investing regularly. Crypto Face might look like an expert in day-trading, but it is not a job for a novice. One must have direct exposure in stock and share markets and fluency in technical patterns to day-trade.

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