Wono.io: Bringing innovation in the entire freelance industry through a single crypto platform

Wono is a rapidly growing community of freelancers and employers from all over the globe. And Wono.io is the first and foremost exchange platform that has recently introduced its own cryptocurrency with the aim to develop a new kind of freelance industry.

The concept of Freelance 2.0

Smart contracts and cryptocurrency can drastically change the entirety of the freelance industry bringing innovation and a comfortable online environment for both employers and freelancers alike. 

Suppose we look at real-life instances then, with the help of smart contracts, you can avoid getting scammed while you are a freelancer. Smart contracts can only be activated when the pre-conceived conditions are fulfilled. When the job has been completed, the freelancer automatically receives the money, and the employer accepts the work. Apart from that, using cryptocurrencies, you can avoid the delay in receiving payment which happens during bank transfers, high taxes and red tapes. Right around 38 percent of freelancers in the United States are getting paid in crypto coins. Half of these people have also said that they are willing to continue receiving payments using cryptocurrency.

The sale and prospects of the tokens

The tokens of Wono.io can be bought through their official website and the MDEX. If you want to explore more information on the roadmap and the tokens, you can visit crypto.wono.io. The immediate goal of the team is to list the token on Huobi, and later on, they are planning to expand their market in Asian and American countries.

The development of the WONO token

There are multiple use cases of this token. For example, you can use this coin for fees payment, stacking and exchanges. Currently, there aren’t any freelance exchange platforms that can offer this kind of opportunity to the freelancers enabling them to earn additional incomes apart from what is covered by the contract system. The WONO coin is already available on MDEX exchange, and the token users can sell them, exchange them with other coins or hold them for further usage. The WONO team has also planned to make the token a full-fledged digital asset that will work like any other cryptocurrency. 

What about NFT certificates? 

Wono has not stopped only at crypto tokens, they also have NFT certificates. These are unique certificates that are stored digitally in the blockchain, and it also guarantees the originality of each and every item, simultaneously providing exclusive rights to the owner of the certificate.

But Wono has introduced freelance 2.0. So how does this freelance 2.0 work? There are freelancers who upload fake certificates in their portfolios in order to show their clients how competent they are. Originally these documents were taken from other people or altered in their name to earn the customer’s trustworthiness. 

Because of the NFT certificates, the portfolios will be stored in the blockchain system. The system will check their originality and prove the authenticity of the freelancer’s work, who in turn will receive the unique blockchain address.

Modifying from freelance 1.0 to freelance 2.0

Let us look at the details of Wono tokens and their vision to enhance the freelance industry and evolve it into freelance 2.0.

Due to the COVID-19, the number of people who started working remotely or freelance increased by 26 percent in the year 2019. Last year among 5.5 billion people who have worked in the world, about 1.6 billion were freelancers. With the rapid number increase in freelancers, with years to come, the number will definitely grow more extensively. For example, this year, 46 percent of the US workers are planning to go freelancing in 2022. 

According to an estimation, the internet will be available to 92 percent of the world’s population, and this will enable most of people to work online. Nevertheless, the current freelancing industry is facing some problems:

  1. Scam: There can be instances where the employer receives the work without paying the freelancer, or a freelancer can take a pre-payment and then disappear with the money.
  2. Fees: There are lots of platforms where freelancers can receive work, but these platforms take subscription fees, and they take advance payments in order to promote their platform profile to get projects from the employer. Employers also have to pay fees in order to reflect their projects at the top of the feed.
  3. Delays: Both freelancers and employers can be from different countries. Therefore to conduct a financial transaction, both of them will require a bank transfer or money transfer service, which implies extra charges for bank transfers and delays in getting the payment.

How can the Wono token transform the whole freelance industry from scratch?

The whole Wono project and its tokens are totally based on smart contracts; therefore, the employers and freelancers will have a safe working environment. Wono has created a new method of working online, and Freelance 2.0 has multiple advantages. 

Fewer fees, with more income

The freelancers who will use the Wono platform will use Wono tokens to pay for platform fees and subscriptions fees. Therefore they can save more on cryptocurrencies, and they can also stake the Wono tokens to earn more money.


This new Wono project will develop in conjunction with the freelance industry itself, modifying it into something we are calling freelance 2.0. This will provide opportunities for the freelancers, which will help them get honest payments for their work, stake coins to earn more and save on fees. More importantly, the employers will also benefit from this because they will surely become confident with the whole process and won’t fear losing money and time.

Also, keep in mind that the Wono token is a long-term investment, and with further development of the project, the token price will rapidly increase, and the whole freelance industry will evolve as a whole.


With the details mentioned above, you can get a grasp of how freelance 2.0 works. This technological development in the freelance industry is solely based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The working condition and environment will drastically change for both freelancers and employers. Wono is the pioneer of freelance 2.0, bringing opportunities for working online. You can learn more about Wono on their website and social media handle.


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